I just put an 's' before the 'h' so it reads...

"Happy is she who passionately dares to defend those whom she loves"

- Ovid and Mark


Patty and Deb

BIRDS OF A FEATHER is about Patty Mark and Debra Tranter; two women from suburban Melbourne who became radical activists fighting for the rights of battery hens. A story of conflicting roles and identities, the program is a study of passion - that ineffable source of meaning and life-purpose that motivates someone to fight for a cause. Engendered as easily by a personal sense of lack as it is by abundance, passion is seen as something that once roused can have a terrible life-force of its own. Recorded over six years, this intimate portrait explores how Patty and Deb found what it was they were looking for.

Duration: 50:00


Debra Tranter

Patty Mark, Debra Tranter and their families; The Action Animal Rescue Team; Constable D. Ford of the Victorian Police; and Peter Barber of the RSPCA.


Patty Mark

Producer: Kyla Brettle
Executive Producer: Tony MacGregor

Final Audio Mix: Richard Girvan at ABC Southbank Studios, Melbourne, Australia.

Produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio National, Radio Eye.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER incorporates materials from THE PECKING ORDER, a television documentary commissioned by ABC Television, financed by the Film Finance Corporation, produced by Cristina Pozzan of Buona Notte Film Productions and co-directed by Kyla Brettle and Greg Spiller.

© ABC Radio National and Kyla Brettle 2003

First broadcast on ABC Radio National Radio Eye on Saturday 28th June 2003.

The programme is dedicated to the memory of Marjorie Julienne Huntley

Photography by Greg Spiller.


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The Action Animal Rescue Team and Animal Liberation Victoria
ABC Radio National, Radio Eye
Derivative Program - The Pecking Order