Jamie Terzi and Brendan Cassar

AN AUSTRALIAN IN KABUL is a portrait of Jamie Terzi, a second generation Greek-Australian from Melbourne who works for the large aid organization, CARE International. She went to Afghanistan three years ago as a volunteer and is now second in command of CARE's Afghanistan branch. Terzi currently lives in Kabul with her partner, Brendan Cassar, an Australian national who works for UNESCO.

The program explores life as an ex-pat in a country like Afghanistan where bomb threats and kidnapping warnings are a part of everyday life along with having cooks, guards, cleaners and drivers. As a western woman living in an Islamic country, simply working out what to wear in the morning is a politically and culturally charged decision. In an observational style, Terzi guides us through a typical day in her life and reflects on the world around her, along the way dispelling many of the romanticised myths surrounding the life and work of an humanitarian aid worker.

Duration: 47:03


Jamie Terzi and Brendan Cassar.


An Australian in Kabul

Produced, Recorded and Edited by Kyla Brettle
Executive Producer: Tony MacGregor, Radio Eye, ABC Radio National
Final Audio mix by Tim Symonds at ABC Studios in Southbank, Melbourne, Australia.

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A warm thank you David Beasley, Christopher King, Michelle Matthews and John Diver

First broadcast on ABC Radio National October 7, 2006.

Photography by Kyla Brettle