The Trouble with Rick

Rick knew there was something going wrong inside but couldn't work it out. Neither could his doctors.

He heard things that other people couldn't.

"...the constant thump of my heartbeat - blood gushing through my veins - breath drawing into my lungs - creaky joints, eyeball movement and even the scrape of my eyelids."

Walking into a noisy restaurant he felt inundated by a barrage of sound – so overwhelming it made him lose balance. Every conversation in the room shouted at him, the scrape of knives on the bottom of plates made his vision jump and he could hear pots being washed and the hum of the fridge out the back.

Three years ago Rick discovered his symptoms were caused by superior canal dehiscence syndrome, a recently diagnosed condition that affects the inner ear.

The program is radiophonic exploration and impressionistic interpretation of how the world spoke to Rick.

Duration: 5:00


Rick Tarulli.


Produced, recorded and edited by Kyla Brettle. Final audio mix by Garry Haverley at ABC studios in Southbank. Executive Producer, Robyn Ravlich.

© ABC Radio 2006

A warm thank you, Brent Clough, Rosati's Restaurant in Melbourne, Duncan Yardley, Michelle Matthews and John Diver

First broadcast on ABC Classic FM's New Music Up Late Saturday 13 January, 2007

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