Speaking Of Music

One person's spoken language might sound like gobbledy gook to another - but when it comes to music do we beat to a common evolutionary drum? Could music be the universal language - linking minds across cultures and ancestral time? And, which came first - music or language? Don your headphones and climb aboard for an acoustic adventure. Does music lie at the heart...and brain...of what it means to be human?


Ani Patel, Laura-Lee Balkwill, Catherine Falk, Kyla Brettle


Produced by Kyla Brettle. Executive Producer Natasha Mitchell. Technical assistance by Carey Dell; final audio mix By Garry Havrillay.

A warm thank-you to John Wynne, Allan Thomas, Helena Kelada

© 2007 ABC Radio National and Kyla Brettle.

First broadcast on ABC Radio National's All in the Mind, May 5 2007.

Subsequent broadcast:

  • Into the Music, ABC Radio National October 20, 2007


Listen to Speaking Of Music here.