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Australian novelist Mandy Sayer's latest book, The Night Has a Thousand Eyes, explores childhood innocence in a sordid and damaged adult world.

Mandy Sayer was an Australian/Vogel Literary Award winner seventeen years ago - since the she's published eight books and was named one of Australia's best young novelists. Not so young anymore, Mandy Sayer is probably best known for her two critically acclaimed memoirs - Dreamtime Alice about her time as a street performer in New York and New Orleans - and Velocity where she recounts her often difficult and traumatic upbringing.

Kyla Brettle speaks with Mandy Sayer for The Book Show

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Mandy Sayer, Kyla Brettle.


Producer Kyla Brettle. Executive Producer, Michael Shirrefs..

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First broadcast on ABC Radio National's The Book Show November 22, 2007