Warehouse Photo

Kyla Brettle speaks with architect Janet McGaw about her award winning home, Warehouse Conversion, an alteration and addition to an old bakers horse and cart factory in Melbourne's Ascot Vale.

The central living area is a wedge shaped room of majestic proportions and the pivot around which the other regions of the house spin. The bedrooms and service rooms are cosy, low-height spaces while the single-story kitchen and dining area branches off into the garden like a pavilion. Two large glass doors open out from the dining area and the central living room to realign the relationship between these regions and invite the outside in.

Written into the fabric of McGaw's design are references to the history of the dwelling and the beginnings of her own family. This is expressed most poignantly in the "wall of secrets", a double-story joinery wall and bookcase embedded with encrypted panels of found objects and personal installations that speak of the intimate stories that turn a house into a home.

Duration: 15:00


Janet McGaw, Kyla Brettle.


Produced, recorded and edited by Kyla Brettle. Executive Producer Mark Wakely.

© ABC and Kyla Brettle 2006

First broadcast on ABC Radio National's By Design, December 8, 2006