Adam Addison

What does it mean to be a hippie in 1997? My life started out with the proverbial parental warble of 'turn on, tune in and drop out'. I thought being a hippie now was to be middle aged and disillusioned - but my friends told me I was wrong.

The last time I saw Adam, an old friend from high school, he was studying to be a classical ballet dancer at the Victorian College of the Arts. I had heard he'd dropped out a while ago to become a fire twirling feral in the tropics. I decided to track him down and found him living in Melbourne with his pregnant girlfriend at her mother's house in the outer suburbs. He was working in a factory trying to save for the baby and I wondered if he still played with fire.

PLAYING WITH FIRE is about the social choices we find we've made when we wake up, put on our clothes and look at our houses.

Duration: 6:00



Adam Addison, Kyla Brettle.


Film Maker: Kyla Brettle
Cinematography: Greg Spiller
Sound Recordist: Kyla Brettle
Editor: Greg Spiller
Producer: Cristina Pozzan

Produced by LOUD Media Arts Festival with the assistance of Open Channel for Our Place LOUD Television Festival.

First broadcast on Channel 10 in the program Our Place, 25 Jan 1998.

Photography: Greg Spiller


LOUD Media Arts Festival
The Open Channel