Patty Mark and Lovely

THE PECKING ORDER is a portrait of Patty Mark and Deborah Tranter, two radical animal activists who emerged against great odds from the matrimonial depths of suburban Melbourne to fight for the Rights of battery hens. Exiled from Animal Liberation Victoria and banded together in a splinter group called the Action Animal Rescue Team, Patty and Deb perform daring rescue raids on intensive farms in the middle of the night.

In an observational style the programme follows Patty and Deb's exploits as they break into intensive farms to rescue animals, demand answers from the RSPCA and attempt to gain media exposure for their cause.

Duration: 28minutes


Patty Mark, Debra Tranter, and the Action Animal Rescue Team.


 Debra Tranter and Police

Producer: Cristina Pozzan
Co-Directors: Kyla Brettle & Greg Spiller
Writer: Kyla Brettle
Co-Writer: Greg Spiller
Cinematographer: Greg Spiller
Sound Recordist: Kyla Brettle
Editor: Bill Murphy
Commissioning Editor: Brian McKenzie
Sound edit/mix by Peter Walker, Andrew McGrath, and Dale Cornelius

Produced by Buonna Notte Films in association with Wired Vision.
Financed by the Australian Film Finance Corporation Limited.
Produced with the assistance of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

© 1999 Australian Film Finance Corporation and Buona Notte Film Productions P/L

First broadcast on ABC Television 13 June, 2000

Photography: Programme Stills


The Action Animal Rescue Team and Animal Liberation Victoria
ABC Television
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